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Winter Touchpoint Cleaning Service in Cleveland, Ohio

touch point cleaning keeps you employees healthy and productive | Express Janitorial | Cleveland, Ohio

With winter creeping in closer and closer, we are all taking the actions necessary to keep ourselves and each other safe from unwanted sicknesses like the flu and colds. We all know that drinking lots of water, washing our hands, and getting our flu shots are simple ways to prevent the spread of germs. But, did you know that a little fall cleaning can go a long way to keep you healthy too?

Keep Your Building Cleaning

At Express Janitorial Services, we provide many different services tailored to fit the needs of our customers. One of which is our touchpoint cleaning services, which we always recommend near the end of fall and the beginning of winter. These are the times when people start to get sick and spread germs around like crazy. 

Keep Your People Healthy

So, to combat this spread of germs, we offer our services to keep your building safe and the people in it healthy. This service doesn't only benefit your customers and other visitors at your building, but it also keeps your employees healthy too. 

It is hard for your employees to be productive when they are under the weather, and that is assuming that they can even make it in while they are sick. A clean and healthy office is a happy and productive office! 

There are so many chances for cross-contamination of germs in a shared space like an office that could lead to months of sickness lingering around! Make sure you are proactive about the winter sicknesses and have your offices or building cleaned with Express Janitorial Services touchpoint cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Express Janitorial Services is a commercial cleaning company servicing the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio areas.

Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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