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Never fear – no cross contamination here! We follow strict guidelines to prevent this as our janitors keep your office clean.

What is cross contamination?

It’s nasty and preventable. It occurs when steps aren’t taken to ensure that, for example, a kitchen cleaning cloth isn’t used in a bathroom or entryway. In fact, janitors and other cleaning professionals must be constantly trained to know how to prevent the spread of contamination. They must know to wear rubber gloves in the right places, to use the right path of cleaning to take through each building to best clean effectively and with the least spreading of germs and other unhealthy things, to wash their hands constantly, etc.

How does Express Janitorial handle cross contamination?

Our janitors know all these and more about cross contamination eradication. They also know to disinfect high-traffic items such as door handles, phones, elevator buttons and, of course, bathroom fixtures extremely well since they’re likely the most blatant harbingers of disease. In addition, they strive to maintain the healthy, clean image of your office environment pristine through their efforts. For you, cross contamination becomes no issue.

Cross Contamination Program | Express Janitorial

Understanding how cross contamination is avoided

To better understand one way cross contamination is avoided, check out our color-coding system (described in number 2 below). Notice how each area that needs cleaning has its own color of tools, cloths, etc. to clean it.

How to avoid cross contamination:

Five aspects for thwarting cross contamination in commercial cleaning and janitorial services are as follows:

  1. Using Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Other Products: Microfiber, a natural fiber like cotton, attracts up to 99% of pathogens like dirt and bacteria, while cotton only gets 33%. Akin to monster magnets, our microfiber cloths, mops and other products thus trap these ugly pathogens and remove them while cotton products merely move the germs around the surface areas. The result: a heathier, clean office.
  2. Using a Color Coding System: This allows our staff to know which color of microfiber tools to use for which area in your office. For example, bathroom products might be red, while kitchen ones might be blue. This way, your janitorial services’ workers prevent cross contamination better by not using the wrong tools in the wrong areas, better preventing the spread of contaminants.
  3. Forcing Lots of Training: Janitors are constantly taught which colors are used and how to use the microfiber system in each building they clean. Their management teams keep a careful eye on them to ensure they’re following the system carefully daily. Never does the system fail!
  4. Separating and Cleaning Implements, Chemicals and Gear: Doing this ensures a kitchen mop won’t touch a bathroom one, for example, nor will a bathroom cleaning product be used in the kitchen. Again, this comes with expert training and supervision for your janitorial cleaning service.
  5. Replacing Outdated Modes of Cleaning with New Technology: We take our janitorial services seriously and constantly look for ways to improve. As with everything else, new inventions arise in our industry to create less cross contamination, and as they arise, we implement them. Some of the innovations we’ve adapted include:
  • Using the microfiber cloths as explained above
  • Relying on HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, which trap more pathogens and dust, instead of regular filtered vacuums
  • Replacing hazardous chemically-based cleaning products with certified green cleaning products that work as well when possible to make your office clean while maintaining a healthier and safer environment
  • Using buckets with flat, built-in mops that squeeze out the water instead of traditional mop and bucket setups that waste water and cause contamination to occur.

Cross contamination is preventable and important, so you won’t have to worry about it with Express Jantorial’s services. Rather, rest assured these practices are in place to ensure your office is clean and contaminant free.


color coding system


Our color coding system allows our workers to prevent cross contamination. As mentioned above, color coding allows our staff to know which tools to use to clean different areas of your office. 



High risk sanitary ware such as toilets, urinals and washroom floors.



Low risk general areas such as desk tops, window ledges, dusting and polishing, walls, tiles and window cleaning.



Food processing and serving areas such as kitchens, canteens and bars.



Wash basins, and surfaces including tiled walls, mirrors, glass and metal. Also used for clinical isolation areas.

Rest assured your office will be as contaminant-free as possible. Schedule your cleaning in Cleveland or Akron now.



Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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