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You want your office clean and healthy, right? Doing so will save you money because green products, light bulbs, air filters and other healthy options in cleaning technology make your air purer and cleaner, using less energy to run. In fact, you can save up to 26% in your electricity bills when you go green.

You’ll also notice an up to 30% increase in employee productivity because they’ll feel better and more energetic in the green cleanliness. You’ll see less absenteeism, get fewer headache complaints and clearer minds.

Finally, your bottom line will improve by up to 10% with a green policy in force. No doubt you’re happy we work with your environmentalism in mind, for surely you want to keep your carbon footprint smaller this way. Who doesn’t?


Of course, our Cross Contamination program encompasses green cleaning. But we go further than that. In fact, you can count on the following as we keep your office clean:

  • Keeping Air Particulates in the Air to a Minimum: This means using those microfiber cloths and HEPA vacuums, but we also spray chemicals and cleaners into rags instead of the air and ask you to introduce an air filtration system into your office.
  • Managing Chemicals: Using non-antibacterial soaps, which don’t reduce your resistance to antibiotics, rationing chemical systems with less waste and using green-seal certified cleaning products when we can to provide red carpet janitorial service.
  • Encouraging Routing Carpet Cleaning: Doing so will remove those deeply-buried dust mites, pathogens and other creepy crawlies that hide in your carpets, making them filthy hosts of germs and bacteria.
  • Using Mats at Entrances: Wiping feet before entering your clean office goes a long way in keeping your janitorial services optimal.
  • Suggesting an Effective Recycling Program

Green Cleaning by Express Janitorial

Our Commitment to Keeping Your Office Healthly


Express Janitorial cares about your health and strives to maintain high office health for you and your team of employees much as we care about our team of janitors and management. Manny’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end with his own recycling program at home – he implemented a strong one in the office and seeks out the newest developments in green technology every day to improve keeping his business greener than a four-leaf clover.


"My employees are quite pleased with [Express Janitorial Services] job perfomance. I have no complaints concerning their work. I believe they have developed a dedicated staff who is sincerely concerned about their work."

- Alan P. Wolf
Business Manager for Property and Insurances

Learn more about our green cleaning program now. Contact us in Cleveland or Akron.



Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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