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Have you had cleaning crews supposedly strip and wax your floors, but they look the same when you come in the next day? That won’t happen with us, thanks to our many years of experience, and having the properly trained janitors to carry it out. Your satisfaction always comes first with us, and our quality doesn’t end with floor cleaning.

When it comes to floor cleaning, Express Janitorial services offers you two options to keep your offices cleaner: the strip and wax service and the reapply and the burnish and buff floor program. These will both keep your floors in their finest conditions, help our janitors and day matrons mop more effectively and efficiently and keep the warranty valid on your flooring investment.

Our Floor Cleaning Services


When we strip and wax your floors, we first prep the area, moving furniture and what-not out of the area. Then, although an office may seem like a safe space, we take no chances since accidents can lead to horrible headaches, so we prep and apply the stripping chemicals and wear the proper hazardous clothing to keep your office clean and protect the workers – safety first! Using an auto buffer, we polish your floors to perfection and use a baseboard cleanser or stripper to make those polished, too. Finally, we employ a wet stripper vacuum to get up the polish and let the area dry. We then reapply and go through the process again. Voilà! Your floors shine.


For proper floor maintenance, as stated, we offer the burnish and buff floor program, wherein you choose the frequency of maintenance you’d like us to perform this process. Why do this? It’s great for your floors and makes it easier for us to maintain your tiled floors. Here, we first burnish the floors, wherein we use a buffer to get the nicks and divots out of the floor so that its cracks are smoothed out. Mopping becomes simpler and your floors will shine. Reasons enough, we think.

Floor Cleaning Service | Express Janitorial

Our Commitment to Keeping Your Floors Clean


Our janitors are all trained in the latest floor cleaning techniques to keep up with industry standards. When standards change, our janitors learn. You can thus trust us with your tiled investment, knowing your offices are cleaner than others’.

You can trust us with the job, too, much as Alan of the United Church of Christ does. He claims, “I believe [Express Janitorial has] developed a staff who is truly concerned about their work.”


"In my association with Express [Janitorial Services], they have been an integral part of the day-to-day operations fo the building insuring that the tenants have a clean enviornment in which to work. Their work has been exmplary. All requests, questions, concerns, etc. have been responded to in a timely and efficient manner. "

- Russell P. Rogers, SOIR
Senior Vice President | Principal
Coliers International

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Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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