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The Benefits of a Local Family Owned Janitorial Service Company

The Benefits of a Local Family Owned Janitorial Service Company

Posted By Express Janitorial
January 16, 2020 Category: Janitorial Services, Cleaning Services

We are a family-owned company, so we understand what it's like working for a family-owned company. Every facility we service has different needs and different requests, and as a company with a family-like culture, we are able to better service your

Janitorial Services in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

Janitorial Services in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

Posted By Express Janitorial
January 02, 2020 Category: Janitorial Services

There is a difference between janitorial services and a janitor. A janitor will likely be a part of your staff, on your payroll, with their own office and equipment provided by your company. Whereas a janitorial service company, like Express Janitorial, supplies our own equipment and materials, and we come in on a set schedule and perform tasks from the services that you chose.  Why Choose Janitorial Services Over a Janitor? A professional janitorial company provides many different facets of the word "clean" in your facility. We provide up to date state of the art, cleaning techniques, cleaning equipment, chemicals, consistent training, and continuous improvement. We do national seminars to train our employees. Our management is up to date on what is going on, what's trending in the country, and what's trending out of the country. There's a lot of international cleaning that could do that really benefits us here in a local area like Cleveland. Hiring a janitorial services company is also more cost-effective. Contact Us Depending on the type of business you run and the type of building you're in, a janitor might be the best route to take, but it might also benefit you more to have a janitorial services company clean for you instead. The best way to know which would be better for your business is to contact us at Express Janitorial Services and tell us about your cleaning needs, and we can help you make an informed

Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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