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Ahh… those dirty carpets! Breeders of allergens, mildew, mold and other icky contaminants. You certainly don’t want them sitting around and gathering toxins. You might have had other janitorial services clean them, but Express Janitorial’s approaches are different. Our experience, combined with the thorough training our janitors receive, guarantees expert, deep spotless carpets that will keep the warranty on your expensive investment valid, maintain the health of your team and remove unsightly stains and dirt from high-traffic areas and elsewhere that hinder your office’s aesthetics.

We offer affordable monthly, bi-monthly, annual or 18-month red carpet cleaning services to keep your carpets in their maximal condition. The option you choose will help make vacuuming easier and better for our team, also helping keep dust and other contaminants to a minimum every time we clean.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping your carpets cleaned is vital to protecting the Return on Investment (ROI) you put into them. No doubt, they were expensive, so why not keep them looking their best? They probably come with some sort of warranty requirements, so be sure you follow them with professional cleanings at the required intervals.


Our signature carpet cleaning service is one of our top services. This process uses no steam but rather brings hot water into your carpets, which is extracted through either a truck-mounted device or a portable device to really dig deep into your carpets and thoroughly clean them. You’ll notice a difference right away – not only will your carpets be clean, but they’ll smell fresh, look new again and attract “oohs and ahhs” from your clients when they visit.


The dry-cleaning method keeps your office clean by spot cleaning your heavily soiled areas with chemicals and requires less drying time than the PWEH method. Using no moisture or VLM, dry cleaning is often faster and less labor-intensive than steam cleaning and usually dries in 24 hours, which is terrific if you want a fast turnaround. Thanks to advances in chemical development, this system can also be quite green, even meeting U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) certification. We recommend this when you need commercial cleaning and janitorial services in high traffic areas.

Carpet Cleaning | Express Janitorial

Our Commitment to Keeping Your Carpets Clean

As technology in carpet cleaning advances, our janitors learn it. This guarantees their continued excellence. For example, as new, greener dry-cleaning chemicals come out, our carpet cleaners learn how to replace older ones with them to improve the cleanliness and environmentally friendliness of your office. As usual, our motto when deep cleaning your carpets is, “Where service begins and quality never ends,” and we mean it.

As Jason of Dalad Realty vouches, “We have had the pleasure of knowing Manny McDonald for over 10 years and didn’t hesitate to use his cleaning company for our buildings… The buildings are highly detailed with various surfaces and numerous areas that need special attention,” which Express Janitorial always provides.


"Recently, I advertised for bids with other cleaning companies. I wanted to make sure I was getting a good buy. Their bid was highly competitive. It made me very comfortable to know that I was receiving a good price for the work that was being done. I highly recommend Express [Janitorial Services] to do the cleaning in your building."

- Alan P. Wolf
Business Manager for Property and Insurances

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Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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