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The Benefits of Day Matrons | Janitorial Services

The benefits of having a day matron in your building | Cleaning Services | Express Janitorial | Cleveland, Ohio

Express Janitorial is a full janitorial service provider, meaning we can provide you with every cleaning service under the sun. One of the most underestimated cleaning duties is throughout the day. That is why we offer day matrons to help keep your building clean and presentable! 

Many office buildings have a nightly service which will come in after-hours and deep clean all of the rooms, offices, hallways, etc. However, they do not have someone who is cleaning up throughout the day, when there are constantly people coming in and out of the entrances, offices, cafeterias, and bathrooms. This is when your day matron will come in and keep the environment clean!

Clean and Stocked Restrooms

One of the most beneficial services a day matron provides is keeping a clean and stocked restroom. Think of a five-story office building that has at least two bathrooms per floor. That is at least ten bathrooms, if not more. Now think of all of the people who use the bathroom multiple times a day plus the visitors or clients who are also using those restrooms. With all this traffic in and out, those bathrooms and get pretty dirty and run out of supplies. 

A Tidey Cafeteria

Your day matron will make sure that those restrooms don't run out of toilet paper, paper towel. They will also keep all of the surfaces clean. Nothing is worse than running out of toilet paper or setting your belongings on a wet sink!

The day matrons usually come in mid-day, after lunch, which is another great reason to have a day matron. They will keep clean up the cafeteria after lunch to make sure no food is left out or on the floor. 

There are so many other great benefits of hiring a day matron to keep your building clean. If you want to find out more or see other services Express Janitorial has to offer, visit our website and contact us today!

The benefits of having a day matron in your building | Cleaning Services | Express Janitorial | Cleveland, Ohio

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