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Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

hand dryer or paper towels

At Express Janitorial, we are a full-service janitorial company. A big part of our job is to supply your building with paper products, including re-stocking paper towel in the kitchen or bathrooms. Generally, the cost of these services and supplies can add up quickly, but with Express Janitorial Services, you get the benefit of working with the service provider and the product supplier. That means savings!

Full-Service Janitorial and Full-Service Supply

We are a full-service janitorial company and a full-service supply company. This allows us to eliminate the middle man and keep costs lows for you. With most other janitorial companies, you have to order your own supplies for the janitor crew to use. Whereas with Express, we come prepared with our own supplies and our own equipment. 

The Benefits of Hand Dryers

We not only can supply you with paper products to dry your hands, but we can also install hand dryers in your facility. 

The thing to keep in mind between paper towel and hand dryers is preference and cost. Some people prefer paper towels over hand dryers while others prefer the opposite. 

However, if you really want to save money, hand dryers are the way to go. Week after week, paper towels can become very expensive! A lot of trees have to be cut down for that paper. So, hand dryers are more cost-effective, and they are better for the environment! 

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you whether you prefer paper towels or hand dryers, but if you really want to cut costs on your janitorial services, hand dryers are the way to go!

If you have any questions about our paper product or hand dryer services, contact us at Express Janitorial Services today! You can schedule our services and browse what we offer on our site!

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