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Automation in the Cleaning Industry

Commercial Cleaning Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Express Janitorial is always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best clean possible. One way we are looking forward to achieving this is through automation through robotics.

The Benefits of Robotics in the Janitorial Business

Last fall, we attended the ISSA cleaning convention, which is the largest cleaning convention in the world. While at the show, so many people were talking about the benefits of using robots in the cleaning industry. 

The most popular example would be a Roomba, and automatic vacuum cleaner that just needs to be programmed to a specific schedule and then it cleans for you. 

There are so many areas of janitorial services that can benefit from robots like that to provide a better, deeper, and more convenient clean. 

At Express Janitorial, we are hoping to invest in some of the technology soon to provide our clients with this advanced and easy cleaning service. 

Learn More About Robotics in the Cleaning Industry

If you want to learn more about how automation can help us provide you with the highest quality clean, contact us today. You can also learn more about Express Janitorial's current services by watching more videos like this in our video library.  

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