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We know your top priority is keeping your office/building as pristine as possible, making sure the inner and outer areas are suitable places for your team to work in. Good news! You’ll achieve this when hiring Express Janitorial. How? By the following:

Using Our Various Cleaning Services

Select from the red carpet janitorial services we offer to keep your office clean with professionalism and without hassle when you want:

Carpet Cleaning

Maintain the warranty on your expensive investment, keep germs and other contaminants to minimum and make vacuuming easier on our janitorial staff when you have your carpets cleaned by our expert staff regularly.


Floor Cleaning

This, too, will extend the life of your floors, keeping them clean and easier for regular upkeep. They’ll shine like the sun, too.


Window Cleaning

Maintaining the clear glass of your windows shows your care about your building, lets clean, natural light in and shows off the wonderful aesthetics you’ve created.


Day Matron Service

When you hire day matron service, you really say to your employees, “I care about your health and want you to thrive.” The day matrons will keep your offices cleaner than you can imagine, again improving your office aesthetics.


Construction Cleanup/Cleaning

Surely you want your office back to normal after a flood or fire ruins it or you modernize or have other construction in it. We’ll come in and take away the extra material, remove the dust and particulates in the air that could sicken your team and put your office back to normal quickly.


Facilities Manager Who Needs Janitorial Services

Creating a Contract with Express Janitorial


You’ll get a straightforward contract with us, one that covers the services you want. And don’t forget about 10% price beating guarantee – simply bring us a competitor’s estimate and we’ll beat it by 10%. Experience the Express Janitorial difference. 


"Recently, I advertised for bids with other cleaning companies. I wanted to make sure I was getting a good buy. Their bid was highly competitive. It made me very comfortable to know that I was receiving a good price for the work that was being done. I highly recommend Express [Janitorial Services] to do the cleaning in your building."

- Alan P. Wolf
Business Manager for Property and Insurances


Contact Us in Cleveland or Akron today and make your 10,000 square foot or larger office as clean as can be. 

Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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