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You have a lot to do as the owner of an office building – tenants to worry about, bills to pay, books to balance and upkeep to maintain. We’ll take the headache of hiring a janitorial service to take over the last for you. After all, Manny’s been doing this since 1991 and his business grows each year, so you know you can trust your building’s care with our team.

Our Various Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

You can select the cleaning services you need from the following:

Carpet Cleaning

Hiring us at regular intervals will keep your carpets, a significant investment, fresh and with fewer contaminants, allow our janitors to clean them better and follow the guidelines of your warranty’s requirements to ensure you maintain it.


Floor Cleaning

Our services here help keep your tiled areas shiny and buff out nicks, scratches and other fine divots that otherwise ruin the floors. As with carpet cleaning, regular floor cleaning helps our workers keep your office clean, maintain your return on investment (ROI) on them and instills pride in your workers.


Window Cleaning

Regular intervals of this service preserves the beauty of your building from the outside to the inside, showing your own pride. It also keeps the building cleaner and invites new tenants to move in.


Day Matron Service

Offering your tenants day matron service also says you care about their happiness and that of their employees. Once future tenants find out you offer this service, they’ll be more likely to sign a lease with you as well.


Construction Cleanup/Cleaning

Of course, accidents and other tribulations befall your building. Knowing where to turn for affordable cleanup services is vital. We come in and take care of everything should chaos occur. We also clean up after renovations.


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Our Affordable Promise to You


Think we’re out of your budget? Think again! We pride ourselves on creating contracts you can pay for at the intervals you want. We even offer a 10% price beating policy – show us a competitor’s estimate and you’ll save 10% on it. 


"We have had the pleasure of knowing Manny McDonald for almost ten years and did not hesitate to use his cleaning company for our buildings. Our buildings in Brecksville are over 150,000 square feet. The buildsing are highly detailed with various serfaces and numerous areas that take a great deal of attention. For us, in our business, image is everything and we have trustued Manny and his highly trained and personable staff to ensure the cleanliness of our buildings on a day-to-day basis. "

- Jason Laver
Vice President/ Brokerage Services
Dalad Realty


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Express Janitorial offers janitorial services to all, including many Fortune 500 companies, from Cleveland to Akron.

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